modula for glass

Delicious Designs: Modula For Glass Idromassagio by Nicole Frederick

Nowadays, the design world is filled with hybrids or the idea, experimentation or brainstorm of how to create a hybrid design project, and what that can look and feel like if executed. In our all-new ‘Delicious Design’ category, we promise to bring you just that: the best designs—both inside and out—from around the globe. 

In our first installment, we’d like to showcase Modula, a hybrid project for the shower system with integrated functions—we like to call them solutions, actually, that make this cleanliness experience head all the way up to next level brilliance. Features like mixer, showerhead, water jets, RGB lighting, seat, shelf, mirror and more can be arranged to the user’s taste through opposite functional tiles, making it easily adaptable to every standard mold while offering the freedom and endless possibilities to create a custom shower space. And guess what? They optimized the production process, creating all functional tiles that come from only three different molds. 

See? Next level. Enjoy some of the images, and maybe hang one on your vision board to look forward to in the future. 

And we’ll leave you with a first sketch cause those are fun to ponder. Just look at what an idea can become…