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Design DIY: Butcher Block Cutting Board by Frederick Construction

In a time with the internet, Etsy shops, and Pinterest "doing it yourself" has become easier than ever. Many sites offer practical step by step tutorials on how to make some of the most delightful creations for your home or as a gift.  Frederick Construction wanted to highlight those who strive in the area of "DIY" because there's nothing like making something from scratch that you can be proud of and call your own.  

In "Design DIY" you will be able to find some of our favorite DIY projects others have posted and if you are feeling crafty, we welcome you to follow the steps and to create with them. 

This month we are highlighting DIY Network’s “How to Make a Butcher Block Cutting Board” For this project you will only need a few tools and even fewer materials. The butcher block cutting board is an easy project for anyone who can find or has extra unused butchers block.

Find all the materials needed & project details here & feel free to share your finshed product with us. Message us on Facebook or Twitter or post a photo with the hashtag #FrederickDIYDesign.