Meet the Team: Project Estimator Ryan Collins / by Nicole Frederick

Ryan Collins, Frederick Construction's lead project estimator, has worked with the company for over 14 years. As a project estimator, he is the first contact between a new client and the Frederick Construction team. Bidding for new projects that will show Frederick's capabilities as well as challenge them to create something out of the ordinary. Ryan brings a great deal of experience to the Frederick team along with an A+ attitude. As an essential part of the Frederick staff, we would like to introduce our skilled and accomplished lead project estimator, Ryan Collins. 

How many years have you been in construction management & how did you get into the construction business?

Currently have been in construction for 18 years. I was first exposed to the construction industry early in life at the age of 10, hauling concrete forms and materials around on residential job sites for my Grandfather’s business.  I continued to work in the construction industry throughout my summer breaks while in school.  I started at Frederick Construction in 2001 as a laborer, then as a project superintendent, into the office as a project manager, and now as a senior estimator.  

What do you deal with day to day as a project estimator for Frederick Construction?

As a senior estimator, I work with our team members to evaluate bidding opportunities and secure work for our company’s future.  Once it is determined that the opportunity fits our company’s needs, both in scope and financially, I utilize our resources to secure the opportunity for future work.  The majority of my time is spent working through the details of each project to gain a full understanding of the project scope, working with select subcontractors, and compiling all estimated costs required to complete the project.  This information is then presented to the potential client.

Your favorite build Frederick has done & Why?

One of my favorite things about this position is when a proposal is submitted for acceptance, otherwise known as “Bid Day”.  Bid day is where all of the hard work, study, and tough decision making by me and our team pay off.  Once a project is awarded, you realize that not only has the team accomplished their immediate goal, but you’ve helped to give our project managers, superintendents, and support staff the opportunity to use their talents to complete the project and to keep building on our reputation.

One of my favorite projects that our company has completed to date is the Wings Etc. project in Sturgis, MI.  As an estimator, this project exposed me to in-depth design/build budgeting and estimating.  I worked with our project team members through the process and it gave me a true understanding of the process involved and the resources required to successfully transform an existing 3 story structure built in the late 1800’s into a unique establishment that fulfilled the Owners expectations and vision.

What are five things I couldn’t live without

  1. My family and friends
  2. Prayer
  3. Hard work and its results
  4. The Culinary Arts
  5. Humor

Favorite Concert Attended:
Tonic at the double door.