Meet The Team: Project Manager & Estimator Chris Rogenski / by Nicole Frederick

This time around we would like to introduce you to one of Frederick’s irreplaceable Project Managers/Estimators, Chris Rogenski. To excel at this position you need excellent communication skills, be able to handle a high volume of projects all with different tasks to complete, and a love of numbers. Whether it's bringing together clients with architects or building a budget for a multi-million dollar project Chris is always up for the job.


How many years have you been in construction management & how did you get into the construction business?

I have been in construction management for a total of 12 years (7 as a PM/Estimator for Ritsema Associates: 23 years total time in the actual business) and 5 years to present with Frederick Construction.  I have been in the business full time since I was 18 years old but have been around it all my life.  My father has been in the industry ever since I could remember and wanted to follow in his footsteps.  My family owned their own interior contracting company that was purchased by another company in 1992 which is who my career started with.

What do you deal with day to day as a Project Manager/Estimator for Frederick Construction?

From day to day I deal with the managing of bringing an owner/tenant/architects vision to reality, this involves managing from 1-100 different personalities and their separate agendas. I am responsible for overseeing superintendents on projects, budgeting and cost tracking. I estimating pricing for proposed modifications or additions to current and future projects while seeking new business opportunities. I manage document distribution and I’m a big part of daily management. Each day brings new and different challenges that make great learning experiences.

What are some of your favorite things about being a Project Manager/Estimator?

I enjoy the high energy fast pace aspect of this business, it fits my personality and drive to be constantly moving along with new challenges around every corner. Bringing an Owners & Architects vision to reality is fun and rewarding along with meeting new and interesting people. It is a reward to have a happy/satisfied customer when the job is completed. The other reward our business provides is knowing the projects I’ve worked on will be seen and appreciated by others for decades to come.

What is your favorite build Frederick has done & why? 

USGS GLSC North/South Wing Renovation:  This project started out as several news labs and offices on both floors of an existing building (North Wing), and as a result of Frederick Construction’s performance a design-build project was added for the South Wing(offices & conference room).  This project was fun and rewarding; I could personally see the joy the new lab/office spaces brought to each of the scientists. The entire project team was wonderful to work with and provided some very valuable experiences for me.

What are five things you couldn't live with out.

  1. My daughter

  2. Friends/Family

  3. Music

  4. Fast Cars

  5. Tattoos

What's your all time favorite movie?                                                                

Boondock Saints (1st Movie)