Featured Project: Wings Etc. Restaurant / by Nicole Frederick

In late 2015, Frederick Construction completed one of its unique design-build projects to date. The project you ask? The complete renovation and restoration of a 40,000 square foot building located in downtown Kalamazoo that dated back to the late 1800's. The restoration would culminate with a new Wings Etc. Restaurant on the first floor and convenient apartment spaces on the second and third floors. Frederick Construction was hand selected due to the nature of the project and the many challenges it presented. Due to the age and condition of the existing building, significant structural support was added to support the new loads to be introduced to the existing floors and separation walls. 

To create the Wings Etc. Restaurant, two of the building suites, were merged at the first-floor level. We completely gutted the existing building with the exception of the hardwood floors which now look pristine and match with all the new wood trim finishes throughout the building. The existing front and rear storefronts were completely removed up to the third floor and rebuilt utilizing materials to keep the late 1800’s historical look. New finishes included wood trim, painting, exterior canopies,awnings and much more. All materials were left exposed and finished throughout the space also to keep the buildings historical roots intact. 

The second and third floors serve as high-end apartments. The apartments included extensive structural work, restoration of existing surfaces, cabinets, countertops, trim, and painting. These apartments gave us a challenge, to keep the noise the bar might give out from disrupting the tenants above. Frederick installed a new gyp-crete system to achieve an STC Rating of 54 and reduce any noise transmission from the Wings Etc. Restaurant. This way tenants would be comfortable in their homes while the bar could get loud during game day. 

Frederick Construction was involved with this project from the design and budgeting phase to project closeout. We worked closely with the owner to ensure the final design and construction met the project budget needs without sacrificing the quality of the project. We are very proud of the finished project that we created and how we were able to finish it on time and to the owners satisfaction. Now, there's only one thing left for us to do and that's go try those wings.