Featured Project: Eimo Technologies / by Nicole Frederick

Eimo Technologies is a global leader when it comes to decorative molding.  EIMO provides the finest decoration on plastic for the Automotive, Appliance and Consumer Product markets. In mid-2015 Eimo awarded the creation of a brand new 60,00 square foot, pre-engineered metal building to Frederick Construction. Completed in April 2015 this project was truly an honor for Frederick to be a part of. They were even more excited that they would be breaking ground in their hometown of Vicksburg, Michigan.  Eimo also has two world class injection molding facilites located in Southwest Michigan. As the only North American full-service provider (art to part) for mold decoration they emply 200 - 500 people with in their company. 

With 30 acres of site development, high-performance insulation, two interior bridge cranes, extensive mechanical and electrical systems to accommodate the full-time manufacturing facility. 

Also, inside Eimo Technologies are front offices and restroom facilities for management staff and employees. 

This new facility is a great example of Frederick Construction’s ability to fully understand the owner’s vision and needs resulting in a successful project on all levels. Frederick is also happy to support Eimo as a job creator to their community in Southwest Michigan. President Mike Frederick was able to meet Junya Suzuki, the Presdient of Eimo's parent company Nissha Printing Co., at the ribbon cutting ceremony that took place in Febuaray.