Design DIY: Floating Corner Shelves / by Nicole Frederick

Our Design DIY comes from the helpful and creative people over at Gotta Go Do It Their site has great tips and tools for all DIY enthusiast to enjoy. With content ranging from how to repair a damaged floor to baby proofing your home. Looking over the extensive list of projects on the website we chose to feature their "How To Build Floating Corner Shelves" project. We know people are always looking for easy ways to provide not only more storage for your home but they want storage that doesn't look like piled boxes in the corner. Our interest was sparked by the floating corner shelves because whether you are a little more DIY construction savvy  or a DIY beginner you can handle putting these up with ease.  

The Gotta Go Do It Yourself's, "How to Build DIY Floating Corner Shelves", instructions are shown to you in a fun and informative 7-minute video tutorial.  What's great about this particular project is if you own a router table you can make your own moldings but don't worry if you don't, pre-made moldings can be bought at most hardware stores. 

To check out the video tutorial head here and make sure to follow Gotta Go Do It on Facebook for updates and tutorials.