Delicious Designs: Suspended Tree Tents / by Nicole Frederick

Glamping has become a growing portmanteau for "Glamour Camping", where one goes camping but with many of the everyday comforts of the modern world. Glamping has recently inspired designers to creategear to spike interest in campers wanting to enhance their forrest experience. Fast forward to the creation of hanging tents. These innovative tent designs turn your usual camp dwelling into a suspended tree house. If the idea of camping is to immerse yourself in nature than what could be better than actually living in the trees for a few nights?? Not only is it a creative idea, but it also saves your body from laying on the cold, hard ground all night without getting a wink of sleep. 

There are many suspended dwellings on the market right now, but our favorites come from company Tentsile. The Stingray, their flagship tent, is designed into three sections and is draped in a rip-resistant insect-mesh. Other Stingray features include infill panels that contain polyester fabric that is fire retardant and UV- and water-resistant, a unique inverted pyramid shape to create and elevated position that offers protection from floods, sand storms, and earth tremors.  All you need to suspend the stingray is three trees, or any sizable anchor, such as columns, trucks or boulders.  Another great feature is the removable rain fly that opens up to incredible treetop views and can be pegged to the ground to act as an enclosed porch. It isn't surprising we are gagging over the innovative design and usefulness of the Stingray tent. 

Not entirely convinced these bad boys are a good idea? Besides a more comfortable night's sleep, they also offer safe protection from wildlife including insects and snakes. Lastly, it is environmentally friendly by allowing no need to clear areas of dense foliage in order to pitch. We say "beam us up Tentsile."