Delicious Designs: A Pocket Sized Greenhouse / by Nicole Frederick

Back in late 2015, the Paris Climate Conference went on for a little while as world leaders gathered together to create sincere efforts to, you guessed it, save the planet. On the forefront of promotion was nature and green design, and more importantly, The Livesglass: A tiny little planet-saver designed by Xindong (Jonathan) Che. 

The miniature planter is in fact made out of glass and irrigates itself through drip irrigation and creates a greenhouse environment for your tiny plant, making it the smartest planter out there—that, and the fact that it’s almost identical to an hourglass, which can remind us to stay green throughout life.  How does it work, you ask? 1. Pour water into Livesglass, 2. The water drops will start to slowly trickle down into the flower pot, 3. Voila! You have a mini water tank that pours water onto your miniature plants. 

If you decide to “go green” for the Livesglass, spread the word about it and how environmentally aligned it is through your networks. You know, like we just did.