Building Blocks: Self Healing Concrete / by Nicole Frederick

You might be just like us, where the theme of building blocks surround your daily routine. But even if you aren’t, this topic we’re going to explore under our Building Blocks category  is pretty darn cool: Self Healing Concrete. Hitting the market late last year, it has some new tricks and additions that may have anyone from a building owner to a contractor investing in. 

We all know that concrete is made to pave and build everything from roads, bridges, your personal sidewalk or a building’s landscape; it’s the quintessential material used in construction, but with the problem of cracking due to air, water and chemical exposure. It has to do with cracks getting larger when water, chloride and deicing salts seep into them and makes the structure weaker, among other factors that may mess with a seamless outcome. 

And now, after a six-year experiment,