Building Blocks: Lenga Lumber / by Nicole Frederick

We know, the word Lenga rhymes with the game Jenga, and who hasn’t played Jenga before? While the name is quite playful and can almost double up as life-sized blocks  (we prefer that type of Jenga more anyways), the definition, qualities, and classifications of Lenga Lumber are quite exotic. 

Thing of terms “Fireland” or “Patagonian Cherry” that’s native species come from the Chilean regions of Aysén and Magallanes, specifically Patagonia and the island of Tierra del Fuego. Lenga forests in Chile reach and area of 3.4 million hectares; about 33% of such surface is allowed for commercial use by Chilean law. We’d like to finish up a few big projects and pack our bags to see for ourselves, thank you very much! 

As you can see from our select image, the colorways of Lenga Lumber almost mirror the grain and gradient of American Cherry. On the flipside to that, its sapwood is white to yellow, and its heartwood is pale pink to a darker tone. Consider this wood excellent for furniture carving, gluing, profiling, staining and finishing. 

And you won’t ever get the same thing, but who wants to be bored anyways? Each piece of Lenga is unique in that it’s a native wood with the mystery of natural forest where each piece has colors and unique grains designed by nature with the passing of time—and get this—since it’s so exclusive and the forests that breed Lenga are only in the extreme south of Argentina/Chile, the sustainable forest management requires a controlled productive volume...(OK, we’re now in heaven with all these unique attributes talk!). 

The next time you desire new home accessories, remembers that Lenga—and all its beauty— has an advantage over wood from plantations where all trees are mainly clones, with the same, repetitive characteristics. BORING!