Architectural Inspirations: The Fisher Buliding / by Frederick Construction

Fancy marbles, intricate mosaics, brass and bronze details, and elevated ceilings are just a few of the beautiful details that make The Fisher Building, located in Detroit Michigan, stands out as one of the best landmarks to inspire your senses. And with that said, we’d like to start with this gorgeous building in our home state as we unravel our monthly Architectural Inspirations around the globe—a perfect fit to not only feed you with some design and backstory details on each building but to also motivate you to admire each one we feature the next time you may be in that given area. Score.

Our subject at hand—or better put, “Detroit’s largest object”—is located in New Center has been dropping jaws for over 80 years. But it’s not just about that golden tower appeal that shines atop this sight for sore eyes. In this case, it’s what’s on the inside and outside that counts: Built by built by the Fisher brothers of “Body by Fisher” fame, this world of shops, theater, art and architectural beauty is renowned architect Albert Kahn’s masterpiece, “a superbly designed complex which displays some of the finest craftsmanship in any Art Deco style building constructed in the U.S. in the 1920s,” the National Park Service says. To that end, the Fishers commissioned Kahn in 1927 and essentially told him to go wild. Simply put, the Detroit News wrote in 2001, the brothers told the architect to build them “the most beautiful building in the world” and that quality would not be sacrificed in order to save money. It was an architect’s dream project.

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